Onze opleiders en workshops

  • Our educators are trained to achieve high levels of teaching expertise, and are often evaluated by an expert as they teach.
  • The workshops are practical, interactive, supportive, fun and at a level all participants can understand and learn from.
  • We use Power Points, concrete apparatus like models of the body, pictures, real demonstrations (like how to make a hydrating solution), games and role-plays to help improve learning and change attitudes and motivation.
  • Our educators are monitored carefully, in terms of how they teach, as well as how supportive they are of their attendees.
  • We also ask our participants to evaluate our performance, by filling out evaluation sheets (if they can, or get a friend to do so).
  • We also, on occasion, use a qualitative process, called MeSure, to evaluate our clients’ perceptions of their learning and our work.

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